Algal Cells prior to Alginator
Algal Cells post Alginator
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Lab unit
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Like most high shear devices, the Alginator® Microorganism Cell Disruptor employs the use of dissolved gas, under pressure. The Rapid Non-Equilibrium Decompression of the cells is accomplished through rapid drop in pressure, resulting in rapid expansion of the dissolved gas within the cell, thereby imparting exceedingly high shear rates. In this Microorganism Cell Disruptor, the exit nozzle opening is designed to impart the greatest flow rate and the highest shear rate in the shortest period of time. Product is placed in the unit, gas is added to the vessel to the desired pressure, the contents are held for a specific amount of time, followed by the rapid opening of the discharge to cause the expansion energy to disrupt the cell structures. The resulting high shear forces result in a product that has been broken down into its primary particle size and/or the dispersion of the dispersed phase throughout the carrier phase. When the cell disruptor is used properly, the cells are exposed to high forces and low energy input. The product is subjected to intense impact, acceleration and shear forces as it is discharged through the restricted orifice.

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Alginator®  Technology (PATENTED)

The Alginator® is an algal oil extraction technology, using Rapid non equilibrium Decompression (RnD)TM, that has shown to be more efficient and uses less energy than existing extraction technologies.


The Alginator® Microorganism Cell Disruptor is a high pressure, high shear cell disruptor for batch or continuous processing.  The Alginator® will lyse, emulsify, de-agglomerate, produce a smaller particle size and allow for the efficient removal of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids from cell structures.