The technology developed by Algae to Energy, LLC has been proven out by the company through years of research and development. In June of 2009, A2E began production with the first commercially viable plant of its kind.  The patented and patent pending breakthrough technologies, plus the cumulative knowledge base of our team has resulted in the company being on the cutting edge of producing algal oil at economically attractive price points 2 years ahead of the competition.
Even the casual observer can tell you that production costs of $20-30 per gallon for algal oil simply break any business model one considers when evaluating return on investment or the effect on market demand, regardless of the benefits to the environment.  However, at our forecast of less than $3 per gallon cost, the company is in the prime position to become an industry innovator and leader on a significant scale. Our team has diligently determined the ideal mix of:  a) algal subspecies; b) optimization methods of growing the biomass in controlled, low-cost bioreactor design, known as the MicGro Deep Water Reactor; c) the use and capture of carbon dioxide and maximum ‘turnover’ balance between oil content and algal growth rate; d) proprietary technology used to harvest the algae from water known as the SHEPHERD Harvester; and, also e) patented technology, the Alginator, used to ‘crack’ the algae and free the oil from the cellular container that is the organism itself.
21st  Century  Business  Review
Interview with Sam Shepherd, Inventor;
Director of Technology for Algae to Energy
Algae  2020  written by
Will Thurmond. 

A study of the algal biofuels demand drivers and target markets.

Algae to Energy's 10 Ft Deep Water Reactor: 
greater than 60 grams per sq meter per day
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Algal Oil is the only Renewable Liquid Fuel Source
that can Completely Displace Petroleum. 

The capability to generate commercially viable volumes of algal oil from microalgae biomass requires new thinking, new processes and significant investment.  Within the next few years, it is highly probable that several multi-billion dollar enterprises will be created as the first victors emerge in the quest to generate economically competitive, ‘green’ liquid fuel production methods utilizing the Earth’s simplest flora.